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Where's FriendMedia? How is vrtly different?

The change from FriendMedia to vrtly represents much more than just a name and logo update. It reflects a shift in our leadership, methodology, and technology – all aimed at elevating your overall experience with us.

We have an ambitious and exciting vision for the future - to build the best point-of-care advertising platform. Over the next short while, you can expect to see significant investments into new products, sleek design, better content, and artificial intelligence to improve our technologies.

What is changing with the new update?

Our latest update, set to launch in early August 2023, has a new look and feel that will improve the flexibility and control you have over the content on your in-practice screens - this was a huge request from customers like you!

  • More Control: Practices with more than one Screen can now choose which Brand and Practice content appears on each, providing even more targeted content throughout the clinic.

  • Easier Screen Management: You can now easily opt-in or out of Brand or Custom Content or Tag Custom Content with a Brand. This eliminates the need to manually manage playlists.

I'm paying for a vrtPro subscription. Will I see any change?

No, vrtPro customers will not see any change. In the coming months we plan on introducing the ability for current vrtPro customers to convert to the vrtly Free plan but can choose to upgrade specific screens that they want more control over. In the meantime, please continue to use your vrtly account as usual.

Can I still choose all the content I want to display on my Screens?

Yes! You will always be able to choose the content that you want displayed on your Screens, while vrtly will choose the best order and frequency in which that content will play. As long as you choose your content, there will be nothing that will play on your Screens that you don't want to play.

How can I get more vrtSticks?

To order more vrtStick devices to use in your Practice, reach out to us at [email protected] or log into your vrtly account and use the chat bot in the bottom right corner and select "Order a device".

How can I give you feedback?

Like our update? Think we can make any improvements? We'd love to hear your feedback! Click here to complete our survey.

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