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Using a Friendmedia Legacy Subscription
Using a Friendmedia Legacy Subscription

What is a vrtPro subscription? What features are available on vrtPro?

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Friendmedia subscription explained

The vrtPro monthly subscription allows you to create curated Playlists of your content in the order you wish to be displayed on your Screens. This is for customers who want a fully customizable Screen experience for their customers. The only difference between our vrtly Free plan and a vrtPro subscription is that the Playlist is available on vrtPro. Please click here if you want more information about the Playlist feature.

With the vrtly Free subscription, you can still choose all of the content you want displaying on your Screen, while vrtly chooses the order and frequency in which it plays. You can cancel your subscription inside your Practice Portal or contact us at [email protected].

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